Bluwash 103R Elongated Electric Bidet Seat With Drier Remote Control Instant Water and Seat Heating Soft Close Lid

  • Remote control takes charge of posterior or feminine wash operating functions as water temperature pulse pressure
  • Child Settings adjust nozzle position and water pressure for children
  • Electric bidet has an Adjustable nozzle position water temperature and massage function
  • Instant Heat Bubble wash pulse wash and dry functions ensure a pleasant and clean
  • Self cleaning nozzle, energy save, and self diagnosis, continuously clean and monitor the bidet

Compact design and state of the art features transform your bathroom into a modern cleansing power house. The premium 100 series Bluwash toilet seat bidet features posterior and feminine wash, move and massage capabilities, heated seat, and dryer with included deodorization. It may also be operated from a remote control that only becomes active once the seat sensor detects a user, preventing accidental use, and ensuring convenience. The bidet has a self cleaning nozzle, and learning power save, as well as temperature control, making it a hygienic, eco-friendly, and comfortable experience.