Bluwash 950 Electric Bidet Seat

  • Heated seat, with anti-slam technology and illumination for use in the dark
  • Posterior cleansing with adjustable water temperature and nozzle as well as superior feminine hygiene
  • Deodorization, self diagnosis and self cleaning nozzle keep the experience sanitary and energy efficient
  • Aroma that is easily replaceable with any scent of your liking
  • Warm air drying with 8 levels going up to 65 degrees c

The Bluwash-950 is the perfect entry level bidet that will satisfy and take care of you and your families sanitary needs. It includes standard features such as posterior and feminine wash, and premium features such as a purifying filter, heated dryer, deodorization and temperature control that are not found in any bidet seats of it's price. The Bluwash-950 also includes an energy saving sensor that preserves energy when the bidet seat is not in use. Using the bidet at night is no issue as the seat comes with a night lamp that makes operation in the dark simple. The bidet also comes with an adjustable stainless steel nozzle that is equipped to bubble cleanse and adjusts itself for both posterior and feminine cleaning. There is no need to manually clean the nozzle as the bidet will automatically sanitize it after every use, run fresh water through the purification filter, and self diagnose any malfunctions. The Bluwash-950 bidet seat is the perfect package for anyone interested in forgetting toilet paper, and switching to a better, more sanitary, and more enjoyable, bathroom experience.