EMF Meters

 EMF Testers

Testing for electromagnetic fields is especially important if you have a heart device like a pacemaker. Intelgadgets sells EMF meters made by SOEKS. These electromagnetic field testing devices can be used by families, as well as professionals, to detect and measure the magnitude of the electromagnetic fields that exist all around us, in our homes, offices, and cars. These incredible gadgets give you noticeable audio and visual prompts, the very moment that excessive EMF levels are detected. Our EMF meters have a two-year warranty. Plus, you can not beat our offer for free lifetime technical support.

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We are partnered with the companies who are setting the industry standards for their testers and meters. We consistently make sure that our customers receive the best value for our quality products. Our handheld radiation testers are extremely popular, unique, and help you measure radiation levels with ease, speed, and extreme accuracy. Our unique SOEKS eco tester and nitrate tester are the premier food testers available on the market today.