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Food Testers

Food quality is very important to all or us. The SOEKS ecotester and nitrate tester are the top of the line food testers available today. The ecotester measures the radiation levels and nitrate levels in food. You will love the peace of mind you gain when you can easily protect yourself and your family members by using these high-quality food testers, which have a multitude of features and a long lasting battery and backup. Once you have these food testers, you won't want to go without them. 

Check out our other testers and meters

We sell a vast variety of different types of meters and testers, including water quality testers and radiation testers. Our water quality testers are compact and deliver amazingly accurate measurements for pH, temperature, and more, all under one roof. Testing for electromagnetic fields is especially important if you have a heart device like a pacemaker. Intelgadgets also sells EMF meters made by SOEKS. These electromagnetic field testing devices can be used by individuals, families, and professionals to detect and measure the magnitude of the electromagnetic fields that exist all around us, in our homes, offices, and cars.