Replacement Filters Set for IONia-12


The 1st Filter for the Ionia 12 Premium 12-Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer is an Activated Carbon Filter. Activated Carbon Filters remove 99.9% of contaminants including but not limited to chlorine, organics, and some heavy metals. Filter 1 also helps protect Filter 2.

The 2nd Filter for the Ionia 12 is an Ultrafiltration Filter, one of the highest levels of water filtration. You can find more information about ultrafiltration below.


Ultrafiltration is a type of the membrane filtration that uses a semipermeable membrane to separate the contaminants from the water using sources such as pressure or concentration gradients. While water and low molecular weight solutes flow through the permeate membrane, suspended solids and high molecular solutes become retained in the retentate ( membrane). The molecular weight cut-off (MWCO) of the membrane is what defines an ultrafiltration membrane. Ultrafiltration is preferred over other water treatment methods because it uses no chemicals, is able to surpass regulatory water quality standards, it remarkably achieves 90-100% contaminant removal, and the systems are usually compact in size.

Filter Life

The filters have different life spans depending on the quality of incoming water, TDS, machine usage, and other factors and can be changed together or separately. The Ionia 12 has a filter life indicator, which monitors each filter's contamination and alerts you when they need to be changed.

NSF Certified.

Filters for use with Ionia 12 Premium 12-Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer