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Air Purifiers

Intelgadgets sells advanced air purifiers for large rooms. Our air purifiers have the amazing capability to monitor air quality and make automated adjustments to the fan speed for optimal air quality. The Dreval HEPA 7 Stage Air Purifier uses an advanced cellular activated carbon filter, an antimicrobial filter, a HEPA filter, a cold catalyst filter, and more to make your air 99.9% cleaner.  


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Do you know what’s in the air you breathe every day? It may not make you feel very good about the quality of the air we naturally breath. We have the most advanced air filtration systems on the market. As an example, our Dreval air purifier. Our Ultrasonic Humidifiers are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit every need and style. The diamond shaped humidifiers are our most popular humidifiers.