Portable Water Filters

Portable Water Filters

Intelgadgets has the home water filtration system for you. These portable water filters are very lightweight and made from high-quality material. Perfect for outdoors, these filters prove to be quite handy in the event of any emergency or trip. These filters are capable of removing heavy metals, dirt, and bacteria and comes with a long-lasting filtration mechanism. We sell portable water filters offered by Intelgadgets and AOK.


Our Other Premier Water Filters


Everyone needs water on the go. Now you can have clean, clear water while you are out getting things done. For the best in water filtration, visit our reverse osmosis water filters, which filter out 99.9% of all contaminants. Chemicals like chlorine in our shower water is a legitimate concern for many people. Our shower water filters remove over 90% of all chlorine from water.


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