Alkaline Water Ionizers

Intelgadgets offers high-quality home filtration systems and advanced alkaline water ionizer systems. Different types of alkaline water ionizers are sold. You can opt for countertop water ionizers or buy portable ones. These devices are quite economical and can prove to be very beneficial for your health. Drinking alkalized water is highly recommended. Recent additions to our inventory are those lovely under-sink alkaline water filter available at a very nominal price of $995.

Countertop Alkaline Water Ionizer

Check out our handy countertop water ionizers. They are sleek and utilize the latest microprocessor technology. Our countertop water ionizers remove pollutants from your regular tap water while leaving valuable kitchen countertop real estate for storage, cooking, and cleaning.


Under The Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer

Our under the sink water ionizers leave your antioxidant-rich water clean and tasty with that’s as easy as pressing a button and turning a handle. While it is converting your regular tap water into delicious and healthy alkaline drinking water, your alkaline water ionizers also filter water by removing bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other harmful impurities.


Portable Alkaline Water Ionizers

Our portable alkaline water filters are lightweight, compact, and easily affordable. The alkaline water energy portable flask is the ultimate in portability and costs only $39.50. The alkaline water stick allows you to purify water in a multitude of containers and is available for only $14.95. With the 8-layer filtration system built-in, regular water is easily filtered by removing 99.99% of the bacteria for a cleaner, healthier drink of water.