Detoxing With Water

11th May 2017

The Role of Water in DetoxingThe body can build up toxins from the food we eat, chemicals that are absorbed into the skin and environmental factors we’re exposed to in other ways. You might hear about … read more

What Is the ORP Level of Water?

11th May 2017

Alkaline Water and Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)When you look into a water ionizer to create alkaline water, you will often see something called oxidation reduction potential, or ORP. You see th … read more

Can Your Body Have Too Much Alkaline?

11th May 2017

Can I Be Over Alkaline?Many people are concerned about taking in more alkaline substances through an alkaline diet and alkaline water so they can control the pH in their bodies in an effort to improve … read more

Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

11th May 2017

Should You Be Drinking Hydrogen Water?There has been a lot of buzz around alkaline water and other purified water, but have you heard about hydrogen water yet? This is another trend in healthy water t … read more

Benefits of Bidets

9th May 2017

Benefits of an Electric Bidet Toilet SeatUsing a bidet in the bathroom seems strange to most Americans at the moment, but the electric bidet is growing in the U.S. and bidets have long been used aroun … read more