Under Sink Water Ionizers

Do you wish that you could go to your sink at home and get not only drinkable water, but drinkable alkaline water that's healthy, great for your body, AND tastes great too? Well, we can make that happen for you, and it's actually quite simple. With an under sink water ionizer from Intelgadgets, you will have delectable, antioxidant-rich alkaline water at your fingertips with just a press of a button and a turn of a handle. And while converting your regular tap water into delicious and healthy alkaline drinking water, our alkaline water ionizers also filter it by removing bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other harmful impurities as well. Our selection of under sink alkaline water ionizers are simple to install, easy to operate, and fit neatly underneath your sink; a couple of our models even come with sleek modern faucets that will complement any countertop!

 Our Other Industry Leading Water Ionizers

We also feature industry leading alkaline water ionizers that will fit your every need. Enjoy the ease and convenience of our countertop alkaline water ionizers for easy installation. If you need ionized water on the go, we have portable water ionizers for convenience in any location. Check them out so you have an alkaline water ionizer for every occasion and regardless of your household needs.


Contact us if you have any questions about our under sink water ionizers or water filtration systems.