Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Drinking filtered water puts an end to the foul smell, harmful chemicals, fluorides and dirt in your water. Intelgadets brings to you the latest and highly sophisticated version of Water Filtration System. Every device sold by us carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. There are devices that can be directly connected to the water source or you can go for the sleek, portable filters that can be easily carried along anywhere.

Portable Water Filters

Our lightweight portable water filters are constructed from high-quality materials. These filters are ideal for outdoor activities such as camping and sports contests and practices. They are also quite helpful if you find yourself in an emergency or urgent situation. These ultra reliable filters remove heavy metals, dirt, and bacteria and come with a durable filtration mechanism. No matter your activity, you will find our portable water filters the perfect filtration system to provide clean, refreshing water

Reverse Osmosis System

Contaminated water is a big concern for all of us. That’s why the reverse osmosis system is such an important part of our water treatment systems. As a proven way of treating contaminated water, our reverse osmosis machine removes 99.9% of all contaminants. It greatly enhances the appearance, taste, and the smell of regular water. Our high quality reverse osmosis water filtration systems are sold with durable membranes that are shown to last longer than other water filter systems.

Shower Filters

Our shower water filters are based on dual-stage filtration that is ideal for removing chlorine from water. Additionally, our water filters reduce volatile chemicals and are installed and changed with little effort. Plus, our replacement filter kit is very reasonably priced.