Accessories and Parts

Now you can ensure that your body gets proper hydration all the time, no matter where you are with these amazing portable alkaline water ionizers from Intelgadgets. Accessories and Parts for Alkaline Water Filters are compact and affordable. The alkaline water energy portable flask costs only $39.50 and the alkaline water stick is available for only $14.95. With an 8-layer, built-in filtration system, you can easily filter regular water and remove 99.99% bacteria for cleaner, healthier water. Check out our complete line of alkaline water ionizers.

Our Other Industry Leading Water Ionizers

We also feature our industry leading alkaline water ionizers that fit your every need. Enjoy the ease of our countertop alkaline water ionizers for easy installation. Do you have limited space on your counters? We have under sink water ionizers for space-saving water ionization.  Now you can have an affordable alkaline water ionizer for every occasion and regardless of your household needs.

Contact us if you have any questions about our accessories and parts for water ionizers or water filtration systems.