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Scaling Filter for Enkion-7

Scaling Filter use is required for Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Maintenance in the areas with high water contamination, to remove the build up and insure proper electrolysis process.


Set of 2 Replacement Filters for Enkion-7

Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Enkion 7 is able to purify tap from common contaminants water before alkalizing it. Multilayered Filtration process removes non organic contaminants such as sand, rust...

Aquaphor Water Filters

Aquaphor RO-101 Full set K5 K2 K7 RO Membrane

Complete set of replacement filters for Aquaphor RO-101. Includes: K5 Polypropylene Sediment Filter Cartridge Pre Filtration 5 micron; K2 Sorption Treatment and Purification Water Filter Cartridge 3...

Aquaphor Water Filters

Aquaphor RO-101 Replacement Filters Set K5K2K7M

Aquaphor RO-101 Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System Set of replacement cartridges K5 K2 K7M specifically designed for your convenience and should be replaced every 12 months of use. K5...

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Waters Therapy

Waters Therapy Shower Micropads

Simply insert one of these micropads into your Waters Therapy Shower Head and transform your regular shower into a healthier one. These Waters Therapy Micropads help to soften hard water, add...


IONTech Compact Alkaline Water Faucet

The stylish, chrome-plated, Alkaline Water Faucet Tap makes connecting your alkaline water ionizer to your tap water line even easier! Just connect it to your alkaline water ionizer, mount it to your...