Countertop Water Ionizers

An Alkaline water ionizer from Intelgadgets can transform your sink into a fountain of delicious purified water. Drinking ionized water is good for your health as it helps by increasing hydration and infusing more antioxidants into the body. These countertop water ionizers are sleek and based on the latest microprocessor technology. Our alkaline water ionizers remove the pollutants from regular tap water. We sell different brands of water ionizers that include IONtech IT, KYK, and much more.

Our Other Industry Leading Water Ionizers


We also feature industry leading alkaline water ionizers that will fit your every need. Do you have limited space on your counters? We have under sink water ionizers for space-saving filtration. If you need ionized water on the go, we have portable water ionizers for convenience in any location. Check them out so you have an alkaline water ionizer for every occasion and regardless of your household needs.


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