Alkaline Water Ionizer KYK Hisha

    Choose the pH level of every pour from your faucet by setting the KYK Hisha Alkaline Water Ionizer to one of its seven levels. Pre-set pH adjustment system offers the choice of four alkaline, pH from 8 to 10 and two acidic levels of water with...
  • Crewelter

    Enkion 7 Plate Alkaline Water Ionizer 2 Filters

    Perfect combination of advanced functions and outstanding quality of alkaline water ionizer machine ENKION7 makes it a perfect addition to any health couscous household. Seven high efficiency titanium 100% platinum coated solid electrolysis plates...
  • IonTech

    Luxury Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine IONtech IT-858

    The IONTECH IT-858 Luxury Alkaline Water Ionizer meets the highest standards of water purification.  This amazing machine transforms regular water into delicious alkaline drinking water that not only tastes great, but is great for you...
  • IonTech

    Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine IONtech IT-589

    One of our top sellers, the IT-589 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer is the perfect choice for families large or small. Its highly effective, efficient, and long-lasting carbon fiber filter works for an impressive 1,500 gallons of water or 6-12 months,...
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    Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine KYK55000

    Are you sick of spending money on gallon after gallon of drinking water?  Are you tired of dealing with tons of plastic bottles?  With the KYK-55000 Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine, you can save time and money by simply turning your home faucet...