Alkaline Water Versus Cancer Testimonials

Posted by intelgadgets on 20th Jul 2016

On this blog, we spend a substantial amount of time talking about the benefits that can occur when you consume alkaline water from an alkaline water purifier. The purification process removes any para … read more

Alkaline Water Versus Cancer

Posted by intelgadgets on 15th Jul 2016

Nobody wants to hear the diagnosis of cancer. No matter what type or the severity, “cancer” is a very scary and intimidating word to hear come out of the lips of a doctor in reference to your health. … read more

Alkaline Water and Bone Density Loss

Posted by intelgadgets on 10th Jul 2016

As individuals age, especially women, you may see a decrease in bone density and, therefore, bone strength. This can put you at an increased risk for everything from hairline fractures to severe break … read more

​Alkaline Water and Parasites

Posted by intelgadgets on 7th Jul 2016

Don’t Let Parasites Thrive in Your Digestive System It’s good to have healthy probiotic microorganisms in your digestive system that can benefit your health, but it’s also possible to have har … read more