Benefits of Bidets

9th May 2017

Benefits of an Electric Bidet Toilet Seat

Using a bidet in the bathroom seems strange to most Americans at the moment, but the electric bidet is growing in the U.S. and bidets have long been used around the world. You might be surprised by how much this simple switch could affect your household with the benefits a bidet provides.

Health Benefits

The cleansing water offered by a bidet helps you be cleaner compared to wiping with dry toilet paper, which is not always completely effective. Many people say they feel cleaner and happier by using an electronic bidet toilet seat. And since you avoid wiping, you cut down on spreading germs that could potentially get on your hands during the wiping process.

Being cleaner can help your health, and you can use a bidet for many specific health conditions or issues as well. A bidet could be beneficial if you have hemorrhoids or skin issues that toilet paper could aggravate. A Self article notes that bidets cut down on skin issues, such as rashes and irritation. In addition, bidets may provide a gentler option for women healing after childbirth. They could also help people with arthritis or other problems that make it hard to wipe.

Cost Savings and Other Benefits

Electric bidets are considered better than toilet paper for the environment, and this benefit can extend to your wallet as well. With a quick spritz of water, you should save money over the constant cost of toilet paper. Although the seat itself is an investment in the beginning that costs more than regular toilet seats, it can pay for itself in savings over time. HoneyColony says that a bidet helps you cut down on 90 percent of your current amount of toilet paper.

In addition, the electric bidet attachment option offers cost savings over purchasing and installing a more extravagant separate bidet. Instead of needing the separate unit, you simply add a new toilet seat that has bidet capabilities.

And a bidet can benefit your household because it helps prevent clogs caused by toilet paper, as well as septic system issues.

More and more Americans are trying and liking bidets because of the many benefits they offer compared to toilet paper. And the electric bidet attachment option gives a much more convenient way to bring these benefits to your home than traditional bidets.