Can Your Body Have Too Much Alkaline?

11th May 2017

Can I Be Over Alkaline?

Many people are concerned about taking in more alkaline substances through an alkaline diet and alkaline water so they can control the pH in their bodies in an effort to improve their health. At its ideal state, the body is close to neutral on the pH scale but slightly on the side of alkaline. Nonetheless, at the same time, different parts of the body have differing pH levels from acidic to alkaline.

Going too far on the acidic side can cause some problems to your health, but the same is true of going too far to alkaline. So yes, you can be over alkaline.

Developing Alkalosis

If your body’s alkaline levels are too high, you have the health condition of alkalosis. This could be the case when your blood pH level is higher than the normal levels of 7.35 to 7.45. Your doctor can perform some tests to figure out if this is the problem.

There are different types of alkalosis, including respiratory, hypochloremic, metabolic and hypokalemic alkalosis. These can come with differing symptoms, but some of the symptoms you might notice from alkalosis include nausea, muscle spasms and numbness. As it progresses, you could experience severe symptoms such as stupor, dizziness and breathing troubles. This serious condition can even lead to a coma.

Are You Over Alkaline Because of an Alkaline Diet?

Alkalosis can happen from various causes. It can happen when there is not enough carbon dioxide or too much bicarbonate in the blood. It also occurs when your body is lacking potassium or because of other imbalances or health conditions.

You’re probably wondering if your alkaline diet or drinking too much alkaline water can make you over alkaline. Because of the way the body works, experts say that won’t be the case. When it’s working correctly, your body can find a state of balance. Your organs, especially your kidneys, help to balance the pH levels of your body. While your urine might be acidic or alkaline, that’s because the body is balancing itself and getting rid of the extra amounts of acidity or base.

Dietitian Joe Leech says that what you consume won’t change the pH of your blood because of the body’s acid-base homeostasis. Leech says that the alkaline diet is a healthy one but that it does not affect your blood pH and won’t make you over alkaline. Nonetheless, you still may be able to obtain numerous health benefits associated with the alkaline diet and alkaline water from a water ionizer.