Health Benefits of Hydrogen Water

11th May 2017

Should You Be Drinking Hydrogen Water?

There has been a lot of buzz around alkaline water and other purified water, but have you heard about hydrogen water yet? This is another trend in healthy water that you should think about trying.

What Is Hydrogen Water and Why Should You Drink It?

Hydrogen water, also called hydrogen-rich water, contains more hydrogen within its composition than you’ll get in regular water. It’s created by changing the composition of regular water. This reaction can happen by using a magnesium stick or through electrolysis, which can occur with a water ionizer.

You might wonder why you would bother giving up your regular thirst quencher and consuming hydrogen water in its place. The reason you might want to consider this move is that hydrogen water has been associated with numerous health benefits that are backed up by scientific studies. In particular, it’s associated with helping certain health conditions and diseases.

Is Hydrogen Water Really All That Healthy?

Sure, you’ve seen a lot of claims related to various health trends. It’s hard to believe them all, and some trends don’t hold their weight. Beyond the anecdotal stories that support drinking this water, scientific evidence confirms its health benefits.

A study in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition looked at the potential effects of this water on people with metabolic syndrome. The study found that hydrogen water boosted an antioxidant enzyme in the participants, which helps fight against oxidative stress and cellular harm that can happen with this health condition. A study in the Nutrition Research journal discovered that drinking the hydrogen-rich water correlated with reduced LDL cholesterol levels and better glucose metabolism in participants who had impaired glucose tolerance or type 2 diabetes.

Another study also supports the drinking of hydrogen-rich water. This study in the Medical Gas Research journal showed that hydrogen water seems to elevate the quality of life of cancer patients after they have gone through radiation therapy. And these are just some of the studies supporting the use of this water to boost health.

The common thread of hydrogen water’s benefits is that it wards against oxidation, which is associated with many chronic diseases and the aging process.

Give Hydrogen Water a Try

If you’d like to try hydrogen-rich water at home, you could create some yourself with a water ionizer machine or with a magnesium stick. You might notice better health through this hydrating and health-promoting water.