Make Less Acidic Coffee by Cold Brewing With Alkaline Water

Posted by IntelGadgets on 29th Sep 2015

Cold water brewing – a technique that differs from making iced coffee – creates a less acidic coffee with a smoother flavor. You can make the coffee even better by cold brewing with ionized alkaline water. Alkaline Water ionizer machines give you the ability to get alkaline water from your tap for brewing coffee in this way.

Health Benefits of Cold-Brew Coffee

If you haven’t been introduced to this type of coffee yet, it involves brewing regular coffee over time in cold water instead of quickly in hot water. Hot water releases acidity from the oils in the coffee beans, while the cold-brew method does not.

By drinking cold-brew coffee, you ingest far less acidity from your coffee. On top of being gentler on your already acidic stomach, this coffee gives you a sweeter flavor without all the bitterness. You may even find that you like this kind of coffee even if you don’t tend to be a coffee person. In addition, your body can obtain more of the disease-fighting antioxidants and other nutrients from your coffee beans with this brewing method, since the beans aren’t subjected to high heat.

Because of these health benefits, this type of coffee makes a great choice for people who focus on taking care of their bodies and cutting down on the acidity in their diets. You won’t get the same benefits from iced coffee because it starts out with hot water and is then chilled, while cold brewing never heats the coffee beans.

Boost Your Benefits With Alkaline Water

Just as it improves the flavor of certain foods when you cook with it, alkaline water helps cut down on the bitterness and bring out the richness of coffee. This is one of the reasons people use it to make hot coffee, yet you can also use it for cold-brewed coffee.

In this case, it cuts down the bitterness and acidity of the beans even more than the method does on its own, giving you a superior cup of coffee that is smooth and satisfying. Shoot for a pH range of 8.0 to 9.0 for this purpose.

How to Make Cold-Brewed Coffee

There are many methods for making this type of coffee. You can choose to purchase a specialty machine to take out the guesswork, or make it yourself with kitchen tools you probably already have, such as a Mason jar or French press coffeemaker.

Start with a coarse grind on your beans. There are many different recipes, so it’s easy to find your favorite flavor. One method is to use one cup of coffee grounds with three cups of cold water while another suggests 3/4 cup of beans per four cups of water.

Put your preferred amount of grounds into your container, add the water, mix and let the combination sit outside of the fridge for 12 to 24 hours. When it’s done brewing, put it through a sieve, cheesecloth, or coffee filter to separate the grinds from the coffee. If you made it in a French press, simply push down the plunger part.

You can make alkaline water at home to use in your cold brew. Alkaline water systems such as the KYK 66000 Under Sink Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine make it easy to get filtered alkaline water straight from your kitchen faucet. These under sink water filters also remove a plethora of contaminants from your water, helping you create extra-healthy coffee.

Make sure you get all the health benefits you can from antioxidant-rich coffee beans, without the acidity, by cold brewing your coffee and using alkaline water systems. Let us know what you think of your first cold brew coffee batch!