Do You Need an Air Purifier for a Child With Asthma?

Posted by intelgadgets on 31st Mar 2017

Indoor Air Purification for Kids With AsthmaIf your child has asthma, it’s important to focus on what you can change about his indoor environment to reduce his symptoms. It’s possible for you to red … read more

​Should You Put an Air Purifier in Your Child’s Room?

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Air Purifiers for Home Air Contamination

Posted by intelgadgets on 31st Mar 2017

Why Do You Need Air Purifiers for Home?When you hear about smog and other types of air pollution, it’s easy to think that the outdoor air is dangerous to your health while you get a reprieve inside … read more

Air Purification Filters for Health

17th Aug 2016

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3 Ways Your Body is Trying to Tell You It’s Too Acidic

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