How Do I Change the Filter on an IONTech Alkaline Water Ionizer?

We recommend replacing filter in your IonTech Water Ionizer every 6 months.

Replacing Filter Video (

Step by Step Instructions:

1. Remove the back cover on the left side by gently pressing the grooved area with your thumb and sliding the panel in the opposite direction from you.

2. Turn the filter to the OPEN position by following the directions on the top of the filter (usually counter-clockwise).

3. Insert and screw a new filter to the CLOSE position (usually clockwise). Make sure it sits very tightly.

4. Close the cover to the original position.

5. Turn on the water and let it run through the water ionizer for 15 minutes before drinking.

Instruction is for the following models: 

  • IT-580
  • IT-656
  • IT-757
  • IT-589
  • IT-588
  • IT-750