Set of 2 Replacement Filters for Enkion-7


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Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Enkion 7 is able to purify tap from common contaminants water before alkalizing it. Multilayered Filtration process removes non organic contaminants such as sand, rust etc.up to 5 micron or larger, activated carbon layers insures that the water taste great after filtration. Both Filters has to be replaced approximately after 12 months of use. Machine will notify user since it has a built in filter life indicator. Replacement is easy, no tools required.

  • Multilayered Filtration Cartridges Recommended to be Replaced Every 12 months
  • Sediment Layers Eliminate Non Organic Contaminants 10 micron or Larger
  • High Density Layers Remove Pollutants 5 micron or Larger
  • Calcium Ball Ceramic Technology for the reduction of Chlorine and Chloramines
  • Activated Carbon Layer Improves Taste of the Water

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