WaterLux WL-306-N Brushed Nickel Three Way Kitchen Faucet for RO and HotCold Water

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Waterlux WL-306-N Brushed Nickel 3-Way Hot and Cold Chrome Faucet Features a durable, boxy, modern design with a tall, round, and far-reaching faucet, our new luxurious Waterlux WL-306N Brushed Nickel Three Way Kitchen Tap Faucet is the perfect addition to your under sink water filtration system, making access to delicious, crystal clear, toxin-free filtered water a breeze! 


  • Dual Flowing Spigot for regular tap water and filtered water from just one convenient faucet
  • Dual Levers for regular and filtered water
  • Sleek, Modern Design that compliments almost any kitchen style
  • Easy to Install 


  • 1 Three Way Faucet
  • 2 Hot and Cold Stainless Steel Hoses
  • 1 Water Filter Adapter
  • 1 Rubber Gasket
  • 1 Stainless Steel Gasket
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 2-Year Warranty


Lead Free Brass Construction Chrome Surface
Ceramic Valve Cartridge
Flow Rate: 2.2 gallons/minute based on 0.5 Mpa (70 psi)
Needed for Installation:
1. LFA-123 Adapter 3/8 in OD x 3/8 in MIP
2. 88-3910 Braided Faucet Connector 3/8 Compression AB1953

2 year warranty