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Our IT-580 Basic Alkaline Water Ionizer is currently our most basic and most affordable alkaline water ionizer; but, don't let the title or price fool you. This machine is anything but basic! With a myriad of useful features such as a comprehensive, soft-touch button control panel complete with informative text and icons for each of the alkaline, purified, and acidic level buttons, a high-efficiency ACF-1 activated carbon fiber filter that eliminates impurities and creates delicious and healthy purified water, a helpful filter change indicator light that alerts you to exactly when the filter should be replaced, and an automatic 10-second cleaning cycle that runs after each and every use, this could very well be the perfect model for you.

Containing 5 powerful platinum-coated titanium electrolysis plates with precise ceramic membranes, you can choose from a range of 7 different water level selections that include 4 alkaline, 1 purified, and 2 acidic levels, and the machine's "Filter Change" and "Clean" indicator lights also double as acidic water and alkaline water indicators (red for acidic and green for alkaline). And like all of our alkaline water ionizers, the IT-580 also includes a free pH testing kit that's fun, accurate, and easy to use. Just place 2-3 drops of the pH testing solution into the water to see its pH (pH color chart also included)! And of course, we cannot forget to mention the IT-580's certifications which include CE, SGS, ISO Certification.

Another fantastic feature of the IT-580 is a full 2-minute cleaning cycle that not only alerts you when the electrolysis chamber requires a thorough cleaning, but actually performs the cleaning for you (with just the press of a button), and plays music until the cycle finishes to let you know it's done! This model also includes a safety feature that automatically converts to alkaline water to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water, plus an additional safety feature that prevents the machine from overheating.

As you can see, the operation and maintenance of this machine are extremely easy and hassle-free, and the benefits are nearly countless, so give us a call if you have any questions or would like to order yours today!


Our easy-to-operate IONTECH IT-580 transforms regular water into delicious alkaline and purified drinking water that not only tastes great, but is great for you too, and acidic water for effective beauty and cleaning purposes.

  • Converts regular water into alkaline water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, rinsing and soaking produce and meats, making coffee and tea, and balancing internal pH
  • Removes pollutants from regular water, and dispenses clean, delicious, purified drinking water
  • Converts regular water into acidic water, which is not suitable for drinking; however, has many fantastic uses such as an astringent for face-cleaning, antibacterial cleanser for tableware and floor cleaning, bathing for infants and/or sensitive skin, sunburn relief, and it also helps to restore hair's natural shine, minimize the appearance of pores, eliminate residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables, and even works as an ideal natural after-shave


  • Safety Feature automatically switches the machine to alkaline water after the water flow is shut off to prevent accidental consumption of acidic water
  • Filter Change Indicator eliminates guessing when to replace the filter by lighting up when the filter needs to be replaced
  • Handy Red and Green Indicator Lights (“Filter Change” light and “Clean” light) show if water is acidic (red) or alkaline (green)
  • Comprehensive Soft Touch Button Control Panel displays pictures and descriptions of possible uses for water at all the different levels; for example, “Making tea/coffee,” “Daily Drinking Water,” “Face washing,” and more
  • Extra long flexible tube for dispensing water
  • Easy color codes displayed on machine indicates different pH levels, from purple for strong alkaline to red for strong acidic
  • Convenient Automatic Cleaning Function cleanses the electrolysis chamber for 10 seconds automatically after every use
  • Automatic Cleaning Alarm sounds when alkaline production exceeds 30 liters/
  • More thorough, 2-Minute Cleaning Function cleanses the electrolysis chamber for a full 2 minutes with the press of the “Clean” button, and plays music while cleaning, so when the music stops, you know the clean cycle is finished
  • 5 Hi-Tech Titanium-Platinum Alloy Plates with precise ceramic ionic membrane
  • High Efficiency Activated Carbon Fiber Filter removes toxins and impurities from regular water such as chlorine, chlorine odor, residual salt, and other pollutants
  • 7 Water pH Levels include 4 Alkaline Levels, 2 Acidic Levels, and 1 Purified Water Level
  • Overheating Protection Safety Feature uses built-in thermostat to prevent the machine from overheating



pH Reference Chart

Alkaline Water Rinsing Foods, Disinfection, and Washing Dishes pH 9.0-11.0 Alkaline 4 (Strong Alkaline)
  • Soak vegetables, beef, pork, and fresh fish to remove fishy taste and strengthen food's natural flavors
  • Make soup and helps food maintain nutrients and color
  • Effectively reduces pesticides on fruits and vegetables
  • Cleans tough oil stains on dishes
Ginger, Grapes, Tomatoes, Kelp, Seaweed 
Alkaline Water Daily Drinking pH 8.5-10.0 Alkaline 3
  • Suitable for daily drinking and improving overall health
  • Improves conditions for upset stomach, constipation, diarrhea, and gout
Mushrooms, Soy Beans, Spinach 
Alkaline Water Cooking, Drinking, Making Tea/Coffee pH 8.0-9.0 Alkaline 2
  • Cook rice, preserves natural flavor longer
  • After initial period, this level is suitable for daily drinking
  • Make tea or coffee, reduces bitterness and improves taste 
Bananas, Carrots, Chestnuts, Lettuce, Red Beans 
Alkaline Water Initial Drinking pH 7.5-8.5 Alkaline 1
  • For people who are just beginning to drink alkaline water
  • Helps balance internal pH
  • Improves assimilation of calcium and other minerals
Apples, Cabbage, Eggplant, Onion, Tea 
Purified Water Purified Water/Taking Medicine pH 7.0 
  • No color, no taste, no impurities
  • Suitable for taking medicine, making milk, and for baby's diet
Asparagus, Bread, Milk, Miso, Tofu
Acidic Water Beauty and Cosmetics, Face and Hair Washing pH 5.0-6.5 Acidic 1
  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Close to skin's pH value, this pH has an astringent effect for face washing
  • Ideal for bathing sensitive skin and infants and relieving sunburns
  • Minimizes appearance of pores and ideal for brushing teeth
  • Restores shine to hair and is great as a natural after-shave
Beef, Beer, Clams, Rice, Octopus
Acidic Water Strong Acidic for Sterilization and Disinfection

pH 4.0-5.5 Acidic 2

(Strong Acidic)

  • Not suitable for drinking
  • Antibacterial for tableware and floor cleaning
  • Soak to eliminate residual agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables
Cheese, Egg Yolk, Oats, Squid 


  • 1 Advanced Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
  • 1 Alkaline Water Ionizer ACF Filter
  • All necessary parts, such as hoses, connectors, etc.
  • FREE Water pH Testing Kit for absolute confidence and peace of mind
  • User Manual

 Activated Carbon Fiber Filter



Weight: 13 lbs
Box Dimensions (HxWxD): 16" x 12" x 10"
Unit Dimensions (HxWxD): 310mm x 220mm x 125mm or 12.2" x 8.7" x 4.92"
Electrolysis Plate Material: Platinum-Titanium Plate with Precise Ceramic Ionic Membrane
Filter Material: Activated Carbon Fiber
Filter Change: Approximately every 6,000 Liters/1585 Gallons/6 months
pH Value: (based on source water quality) 4.5-11
ORP Value: (based on source water quality) Max: -850mv
Voltage: 110V/60Hz (220V also available)

Replacement Filters

ACF-1 Alkaline Water Ionizer Replacement Filter

Recommended Add-Ons

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Alkaline Faucet - Neat, compact, and stylish faucet provides ultimate convenience for the installation and operation of your alkaline water ionizer

Installation Videos

Standard Installation Video

Alternative (under sink) Installation Video

2 Year Warranty

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