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Aquaphor Crystal ECO Under Counter Water Filtration System UF Hollow Fiber Membrane


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Aquaphor Crystal ECO - premium water filtration system that reduces harmful substances in your water and removes the particles down to 0.01 micron in size. Crystal ECO is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers, children and elderly people and people with a sensitive digestive and immune systems, or simply anyone who wants to improve the quality of their drinking water. Extremely compact and easy-to-use this drinking water filtration system fits any family or household.

Quality purification: Crystal ECO makes tap water taste, smell and look great, while making it safe at the same time. With its tiny pores, Hollow Fiber membrane mechanically captures all harmful bacteria and cysts from your drinking water, so that anyone in your family benefit from healthier drinks and food.

Compact: Install Crystal ECO under the sink and you will hardly notice it is there, since it takes up so little space. However, compactness does not lead to diminished performance - Crystal ECO replacement filters contain 10% more adsorbents than traditional 10'' cartridges for drinking water systems.

Easy maintenance: Crystal ECO does not require professional maintenance. In fact, it only needs your attention once a year, for replacing the set of cartridges, which is quick and easy because of our «Click-and-Turn» technology.

How it works

Crystal ECO has all the stages needed to protect you and your family: preparation, ultrafiltration and conditioning.

  • Firstly, water flows through carbon-block and cleaned from sediments and chlorine;
  • Then, water goes to the ultrafiltration membrane with 0,01 pores. It will remove all bacterias and cysts from your water;
  • Finally, your water goes into the conditioning cartridge, which improves its taste and odor.
  • Compact filter housing fits easily under the sink, and attached a separate tap for pure water at the surface sinks. Drinking water is always at your fingertips.
  • It removes chlorine, heavy metals, petroleum products, pesticides and other pollutants from tap water.
  • Cartridges are replaced all together once a year 
  • Cartridges replaced easily: press the button on the case, turn the cartridge counter-clockwise; insert a new cartridge, and rotate clockwise "until it clicks." No tools needed.
  • Crystal removes chlorine, lead, bacteria, petroleum, phenol, pesticides, heavy metals, colloidal iron

Replacement cartridges

Crystal Eco is equipped with a 3-piece set of cartridges that will serve you for one year. The whole set is replaced together with no special tools needed. Please, mind the order of cartridges when replacing the set, wrong order significantly decreases effective filter life.

  • K3
  • K7
  • K7B (H membrane)

Crystal ECO packaging includes all parts needed for the standard installation:

  • Purifier Housing
  • Set of cartridges
  • JG connection tubes
  • Shut off valve or tee angle
  • Drinking water faucet
  • Service cap

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