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Aquaphor Water Filters Crystal Under Counter Water Filtration System


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Aquaphor Crystal - a universal filter for deep purification of drinking water. 8000 liters of crystal clear water, which is enough for a whole year for the whole family (up to 7 people). Aquaphor Crystal - simple and convenient filter. Aquaphor Crystal reliably cleans the water of impurities, which are most often found in tap water. It can be used for the preparation of baby food, as well as soups and beverages for the whole family. Under counter drinking water purification system Crystal successively purified water from visible solids and dissolved pollutants.Rust, sand, silt and other particles are removed from the water going through the grid, every next layer finer. Pre-filter cartridge retains all particles larger than 5 microns, the second - greater than 3 microns, and the third provides a finish (deepest) purifying the micro-particles size of 0.8 microns (125 times thinner than a human hair). Simultaneously, the activated carbon cartridge as a sponge "soaks up" contaminants dissolved in water: chlorine, petroleum products, pesticides and others. The coal is mixed with the fibers of Aqualen that captures and safely retain heavy metals. Three filter cartridge system Crystal successively purifies water from visible solids and dissolved pollutants.

  • Compact filter housing fits easily under the sink, and attached a separate tap for pure water at the surface sinks. Drinking water is always at your fingertips.
  • It removes chlorine, heavy metals, petroleum products, pesticides and other pollutants from tap water.
  • Cartridges are replaced all together once a year 
  • Cartridges replaced easily: press the button on the case, turn the cartridge counter-clockwise; insert a new cartridge, and rotate clockwise "until it clicks." No tools needed.
  • Crystal removes chlorine, lead, bacteria, petroleum, phenol, pesticides, heavy metals, colloidal iron

Standard set includes all parts needed for the standard installation:

  • K3
  • K2
  • K7
  • Instructions, tubes, connectors and a FAUCET

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